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Deponia Tipps

Deponia Doomsday: Komplettlösung, Tipps und Tricks: So knackt ihr alle Rätsel, der komplette Weg durch das Abenteuer. Rette den Müllplaneten Deponia! Stelle dich zahlreichen Herausforderungen! Und wenn du mal nicht weiter weißt, helfen dir unsere Tipps und. Deponia 1 - Lösung - Mit dieser Lösung greifen wir Euch bei dem Computerspiel 'Deponia' Dadurch bekommen wir einige Tipps für den Zusammenbau der.

Doc gibt Rufus Tipps zum Thema Frauen. Chaos auf Deponia. Doc während Rufus' Sägeblatt-Fluchtversuchs Ach du große Grütze. Es wäre verrückt, zu glauben. Das Point-&-Click-Abenteuer Deponia legte im Jahr den Tipp: Um mit dem Bürgermeister zu reden, müsst ihr die Klingel betätigen. Deponia Doomsday. Die Komplettlösung zum Daedalic Adventure. Zeitreisen, rosa Elefanten und ein Stapel Kristallgläser – damit beginnt.

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Tipps für den perfekten Stromumkehrer - Deponia #016

Deponia Tipps I just finished the gog version of part 1 and was overwhelmingly delighted by the game. Someone mentioned something about clicking on the bottle of booze to get him to drink, but I Fachkraft Für Automatenservice know if this would make a difference. Showing 1 - 13 of 13 comments.

Dann wieder rechts hoch und dann links runter. Es folgt eine Videosequenz und finden uns auf dem Organonkreuzer wieder. Indem wir mehrfach auf die Kette klicken, "klettern" wir auf das Schiff und finden unseren Koffer.

Es befinden sich Proviant und Socken darin. Mist, den Seitenschneider hätte man ja doch brauchen können — nämlich um den Eingang in den Kreuzer freizuschneiden.

Mit dem Proviant verdrecken wir die laufenden Zahnräder. Rufus will Deponia verlassen, doch zuerst muss er seine Check-Liste für sein Gepäck kontrollieren.

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Von Herbboy Community Officer. Antworten Zitieren. Von Benny20 Neuer Benutzer. Von Enisra Erfahrener Benutzer. Das Spiel ist noch nicht einmal raus und schon Komplettlösung angeboten?

Sebästschjin View Profile View Posts. Do you have the bottle with alcohol? You can find an empty bottle where you found the lever for the rails.

Then talk to Doc so he meditates. Then you can use the empty bottle with his bottle so Rufus will fill it. With this the meditation should work.

Originally posted by Talon2Claw :. Originally posted by Sebästschjin :. Rufus goes back to the computer room. Exit through the right doorway. End for lover and enemies:.

Hear Bailiff Argus ask about the interrogator. He wants him at the bridge immediately. Rufus as Cletus comes out of the computer core room. See Oppenbot in a glass case.

See the clown platypus egg left side behind pipe of Oppenbot's glass case. Cletus and Donna enter from above. Hide at the good hiding place - a round container at right.

Rufus removes his costume. The cover goes down and seals Rufus inside. The guard that tidybot pushed arrive and captures a willing Cletus.

Donna follows Cletus. Argus removes his mask and looks like Rufus-Cletus. Argus says that Prime Controller Ulysses is the evil one. He wants to save Deponia but would not leave it in the hands of Rufus.

Press buttons and in the end Goal is given an injection of Sodium amytal - truth serum. Because I love Rufus. Rufus is thrown overboard.

Where am I? Pick up the black yin from the floor. Go right and step on the red indented area of the platform.

Light comes on at far right. Rufus moves off and the light turns off. Use the yin on the odd floor panel to hold the panel down. See the fire platypus egg above the chair at left and behind one of the pipe.

There are 5 fuses with icons on them. Each one are on a colored stand. Pick up the power inverter at base of the console.

The press closes. Press the button left of the stand. The press separates and a big hole at the base opens up.

Jump in to be at the conveyor belt. After that torture, Rufus is dropped back to the platform. Arrange the fuses to get Rufus through the conveyor belt somewhat intact.

From left to right, arrange the fuses: snowflake, circular blade, light saber, fire and baseball bat. If the fuses are arranged correctly, Rufus is body whole and stands up.

Rufus presses the light and turns it off. See that Rufus is in a factory - not hell. Rufus is not dead. Check the gauges for fat, carbohydrates, water, minerals, protein and the mysterious gauge.

Check the funnel. Take the junkball bat from the last stand of the conveyor belt. Go left. See a very old man with a sickle at the walkway above.

See a time clock at right by the factory entrance. There is a light gate at left blocking access to the patio. Residence :.

Go forward and then right to the residence. The door is locked. See pots and an olive plant by the window. Pick the olives.

Pick up the sack of soybeans at end of table. Take the oil bottle with olive oil from the island at right.

Check the oil mill. Use the picked olives on the oil mill. Pick up the vial of olive oil. Take the water cooler at back wall.

See the earth platypus egg on the shelf above the water cooler and right of fan. Follow the man with scythe:. The door is bolted from outside. Use the junkball bat on door.

Exit and go left. Learn that this is the place where the Organon was created - a cloning factory. Yes - it is a waste processing plant.

Hermes calls Rufus - Prototype R. Hermes was the former head of this facility. They were made with no respect for life; that is why there are only 3 left of the first batch.

Put back Hermes' eye. Rufus was recloned after he died from the crash. Everything is organic except the nucleic acid; it is synthesized from radioactive waste.

The prototypes have hope. Rufus never learned from his mistakes. Hermes is now the one that is depressed. He blames himself for what happened to Elysium and Deponia.

He leaves to end his life. A chamber opens and Goal's body collapses. She's still dead. See Hermes commit suicide.

He lost hope. Cloning machine:. Go back to the left and check the console. See that the skeleton is Rufus.

Press the purple button above and see the one for Organon and then Hermes. See the 6 bulbs at top left for materials. There is also a 1, 11 and selection and a lever.

Pull back at right side of screen. Check the pipe at left to see a vampire platypus and a nest of its eggs.

The platypus hisses if you try to get the eggs. See the vampire platypus egg in the lower pipe. Collect ingredients for cloning:. Take the time card.

The punches have now closed up. Go back to the clone lab and then the pipe. Use the time card on the vampire platypus to get stamped punch card.

Use the stamped punch card on the time clock. Get a reward for the length of the overtime. Take the garlic.

It is very rusted. Use the oil bottle on the door. Rufus refuses to use the oil bottle on it because it is too old. Use the freshly made olive oil on the food truck door.

Open door and check everything. Take the ancient fryer grease , bag of fries , swill- o-fizz and iodized salt. See the potbellied platypus egg at right side of counter.

Use the garlic on the vampire platypus. Get the vampire platypus eggs. Fill the tanks:. Go back to the factory.

Check the funnel at front left. It is where the ingredients are added to fill the tanks. Add oil bottle and fryer grease for a full tank of fat.

Add sack of beans for carbohydrates and protein. Add French fries for carbohydrates. Add water cooler for water and minerals. Add soda to complete water.

Add iodized salt to complete minerals. Add eggs for proteins. Check the gauges and see that they are now at maximum. The green mysterious sixth gauge is not known.

Clone Hermes:. Go back to the clone lab. Use the console. See 3 clones of Hermes. All 3 went off to commit suicide again.

The third was saved by the pillow on the right chopper. Clone Goal:. Talk to Hermes the third. He got a scan of Goal before she died.

He gives Goal's brain scan cartridge. Go to the console at the clone lab. The mysterious 6th gauge is flickering red.

Pull the lever. There's no nucleic acid left to get Goal to mature. A baby Goal is cloned. The baby falls down the sewer pipe.

She is now in the sewers under Porta Fisco. Clone Rufus:. There is not enough time to stop Argus and the highboat from leaving, getting Goal and contacting the Resistance.

Hermes sacrifice himself and Rufus to get enough biomass to make 3 Rufus clones. Only one will have the nucleic acid to get Goal to mature.

The cloning was started by the vampire platypus using the setup with sandbags that pulls the lever of the cloning machine. Check all 3 Rufus' inventory to see who has the nucleic acid.

The right Rufus has the nucleic acid. Middle Rufus and Right Rufus fight over the nucleic acid. Select Left Rufus to control the other 2 Rufus'. As the Left Rufus, take the nucleic acid.

The nucleic acid falls into one of the sewer pipes. The 3 jump into the sewer pipes and go their separate ways.

Left Rufus is the one in the sewers with baby Goal. Middle Rufus is the one that is looking for the resistance in the city of Porta Fisco.

Right Rufus is the one that will try to stop Argus from leaving with the highboat. Select the item from inventory and then click on the Rufus that you want to give it to.

The active Rufus' picture is grayed out. Left Rufus:. Move the cursor around or press the space bar to see the hotspots. Move the cursor to top of the 2 set of eyes and feel a branch.

There is a crevice and brush at bottom of the eyes. Baby Goal cries whenever Rufus tries something. Middle Rufus :. Change-click to the middle Rufus.

Ruined settlement :. See Bozo by the porta-potty. Mook says that Bozo is afraid of the end of the world.

Bozo says not. Gebt den Aluhut an Tuck, und ihr seid bereit für den nächsten Versuch. Mit einem Kauf über einen dieser Links unterstützt ihr Eurogamer.

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Sortierung Neueste Älteste Beste Schlechteste. I noticed the same thing but after repeated trys it works lol. I am at the same spot, but I have never gotten it correct; I cannot figure it out because the game is not showing me the results of my choices.

Very frustrating. When it goes to show me what happens, I only get shown the cart returning right back on the top left, with no clue where it starts or where I'm trying to get to, so no idea when I'm doing it right, better, or worse.

Stabbey View Profile View Posts. I'm getting this too. Most of the time it just turns around and comes back immediately. Rarely, I see it actually move along the track, but without feedback, I can't solve the puzzle.

Muffins View Profile View Posts. Had to walkthrough to skip it, got the cutscene with an incorrect solution, then nothing happened. Set to the right solution, same thing happened right back to the beginning.

Not sure how you were supposed to figure this one out either.

Arrange the fuses to get Rufus through the conveyor belt somewhat intact. Even after the cutscene. Use the scales on the hood he is wearing. Organon cruiser cabin:. Goal fixes the Kaktus Spiel terminal. Dummerweise ist 1xbet Deutschland Bombe eingerostet, weswegen Rufus auf sie klettern muss, doch schon brechen die Monster durch die Tür und machen erneut Jagd auf ihn. Remove the mattress from the bed. Right Rufus is caught. Talk to the soothsayer. Cletus gets his room 1 key. Left Rufus is the one in the sewers with baby Goal. Open the Deponia Tipps and take antidepressant and Rugby Top 14. Toni has a new therapist. I changed Goal with the remote too fast and never received peanuts, which are needed to progress into the next level. I have looked at guides to see if anyone has mentioned this but I haven't found anything and I don't have the option of switching her to anything except "baby" or "lady" goal. I'd rather not start over, so if someone has a work around that'd be great, thanks!. In the middle one you can see some Cogwheels and the left one can lead inside the ship. But Rufus can hurt himself, trying to open it with bare hands. Open the inventory and use Provisions on the middle hatch. A hatch over it will open and a Maintenance Arm will appear. Deponia > Tips & Tricks (use spoilertags) > Topic Details. Black Lavanade. Oct 24, @ am Minecart I can't get past the minecart bit in chapter 2. I have the. Im going slightly mad here, been trying to solve this for two hours now. I have parked the minecart under the funnel at the crane. I have put the skelleton bone behind the crane seat. I have filled the bottle with booze from Doc. I have watched Doc meditate. I sit in the crane watching the horizon. Rufus say "Hommmmmmm, I AM A PUPUP, hommmmmmm". Then nothing more happen. I try to stear the. Deponia > Tips & Tricks (use spoilertags) > Topic Details. Date Posted: Aug 16, @ am. Posts: Discussions Rules and Guidelines. More discussions. Rufus selbst ist aber zu eitel, um mit verschiedenfarbigen Socken loszulaufen. Zuerst geht es mal zu Toni, der wir den Papagei schenken auf die Stange setzen. Vorbereitung der Triomino Mit Punkten Rufus geht nun hinters Haus, wo seine Fluchtkapsel steht. Unsere Komplettlösung für Deponia mit zahlreichen Tipps bringt euch problemlos durch das Adventure aus dem Hause Daedalic. Deponia Cheats und Tipps: Komplettlösung, Unsere Komplettlösung hilft bei der Flucht vom Müllplaneten. eine Provision vom Händler, z.B. für solche mit Symbol. Mehr Infos. Deponia · Übersicht · News · Artikel · Test · Tipps+Cheats · Komplettlösung · Fragen. Deponia 1 - Lösung - Mit dieser Lösung greifen wir Euch bei dem Computerspiel 'Deponia' Dadurch bekommen wir einige Tipps für den Zusammenbau der. Deponia > Tips & Tricks (use spoilertags) > Topic Details. WiNiZ. Oct 19, @ am Meditate in the crane (Spoiler Alert!) Im going slightly mad here, been trying to solve this for two hours now. I have parked the minecart under the funnel at the crane. I have put the skelleton bone behind the crane seat. Alle Tipps zu Deponia. Games. Deponia: Komplettlösung mit Trophäen-Leitfaden. Das Point-&-Click-Abenteuer Deponia legte im Jahr den Grundstein für eine vierteilige Reihe, die das Abenteuer. Recap of Deponia series: The dialogue is a recap of the past Deponia storyline with a Rufus twist. Release Goal: Use the cannon panel. The aim is off. Press the large red button on right wall to expose a lever. It is the manual speed control. Pulling the lever to slow down gets Barry to .

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